Sedation FAQs in Katy, TX

Frequently Asked Questions

We often find that our patients have a lot of questions about sedation. While we always welcome phone calls and questions during your visit, we have also compiled the following answers to your frequently asked questions:

Am I The Only One Who Needs Sedation?

No. You are among millions of people who choose to avoid dental care because they feel so nervous about a visit. Rest assured, we empathize with your feelings and will go above and beyond to promote a comfortable environment, while selecting a form of sedation that works for you.

What Are Some Common Reasons Patients Choose Sedation?

Patients often choose sedation because of general anxiety regarding visiting the dentist, anxiety surrounding a particular procedure or treatment, a strong gag reflex, or because a patient requires extensive treatment.

What Types Of Sedation Do You Offer?

At Lathrop Dental Center, we offer nitrous oxide, oral sedation, oral and nitrous oxide, and IV sedation to ensure you achieve the relaxed state you desire.

Do You Offer Financing?

Yes, we accept insurance and offer a variety of financing solution to our patients, so every person who walks through our doors can afford the same level of excellent, comfortable care.

Will I Be Able To Go Back To Work Or School After Sedation?

It depends. If you choose nitrous oxide, the sedation wears off very quickly. You will be able to drive yourself home, or return to your regularly scheduled day, such as returning to school or work. However, if you choose our other forms of sedation, including oral sedation, oral and nitrous oxide, or IV sedation, we recommend you cancel your plans for the remainder of the day. The sedative will take time to wear off and you may continue to feel drowsy or groggy for several hours.

Will I Qualify For Sedation?

Your candidacy for sedation depends on many factors. While we want to provide sedation to every patient who feels even a small amount of anxiety that might keep him or her from receiving dental care, your health is also a contributing factor. Administering any type of medicine requires Dr. Lathrop to ensure you are healthy enough to receive sedation, and to make sure you are not taking any additional medication that may interact or interfere with sedation.

Should I Ask For Sedation?

Yes. We encourage you to always ask questions and voice your thoughts and concerns. If you feel sedation may allow you to attain the care you need, please let us know. If you suffer from extremely severe anxiety, we ask that you call our friendly, compassionate team members so we can accommodate your needs. Simply make the call and we will take care of the rest.

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