Oral Sedation in Katy, TX

Oral SedationEnjoy A Relaxed Visit

Dealing with anxiety when planning your dental care can become detrimental to your long-term oral health. If you feel too nervous to come in to see us, even for routine procedures such as a cleaning, you put your dental health at risk. Fortunately, we offer solutions with sedation. For individuals seeking deep relaxation, particularly those who dislike injection-based sedation, oral sedation may offer the tranquility you desire.

What Is Oral Sedation?

Oral sedation is the administration of sedatives – or tranquilizing drugs – through the use of a pill that you swallow before your treatment. Before your visit or before your procedure, depending on your dentist’s recommendation, you will take a sedative. Dr. Lathrop will speak with you regarding your level of anxiety and will prescribe a medicine and dose specified to your needs and comfort.

Examples of oral sedatives include Valium, Ativan, and Halcion. You will achieve a deeply relaxed state within approximately 30 minutes to one hour. Though you may feel tired and quite peaceful, you will remain conscious. You will be able to respond verbally to the dentist or hygienist, but you may forget some of your experiences once the drug wears off. However, because the drug takes significant time to leave your system, you will need a friend or loved one to drive you home after your visit.

The Benefits of Oral Sedation

Dentists often offer oral sedation because it offers greater relaxation than nitrous oxide alone, while providing an effective solution for individuals with needle phobias who are poorly suited to IV sedation. Other advantages include:

  • Oral sedation lessens your anxiety so you feel comfortable throughout your appointment
  • The amnesic effect may help you feel more confident about visits in the future
  • Oral sedation is available in a variety of doses and medications, so your dentist can prescribe you with a personalized selection
  • The treatment requires absolutely no needles
  • Oral sedation offers a more budget-friendly alternative to IV sedation

Am I A Good Candidate?

Do you desire a deep state of tranquility during your procedure? If so, you might make an excellent candidate for oral sedation – particularly if you prefer to swallow a pill injection-based anesthetics or sedatives. However, you will need to speak with Dr. Lathrop about whether your health and any current medications will affect your candidacy. Or, if you desire even deeper relaxation without selecting IV sedation, discuss with your sedation dentist whether a combination of oral sedation and nitrous oxide may work for you.

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