Oral & Nitrous Oxide in Katy, TX

Oral and Nitrous OxideA Truly Tranquil Experience

Do the benefits of IV sedation sound wonderful to you, but needles are an absolute “no?” When oral sedation is close but does not provide you with the completely peaceful experience you desire, speak with Dr. Lathrop about whether oral sedation and nitrous oxide will provide you with the relaxation you need.

What Is Oral & Nitrous Oxide?

The sedation option of oral and nitrous oxide includes combination sedation. Your dentist will provide you with a swallowable pill that you take before your visit or procedure. Unlike IV sedation, Dr. Lathrop cannot increase and decrease the amount of medicine you receive with oral sedation. Instead, you ingest a single dose, which wears off over a given set of time. By adding nitrous to the equation, you can enjoy the effects of a pill without concern about the effects being too weak or wearing off too soon before the end of the procedure. Dr. Lathrop or his anesthesiologist can then increase or decrease the nitrous oxide you receive for customized care. Keep in mind, you will need someone to drive you home after your visit.

The Benefits Of Combined Sedation

You and your dentist may choose oral sedation and nitrous oxide for a variety of reasons. Benefits include:

  • This may allow you to comfortably undergo more extensive treatment, while remaining completely at ease
  • You will achieve a very deep state of peace without the use of injection-based treatment – this offers you a solid alternative to IV sedation
  • You will be able to attain the dental services you require, from simple to complex, while feeling calm
  • The combination sedation may result in amnesic effects, so you only remember bits and pieces of your experience – however, you will still remain conscious and capable of responding to verbal cues

Am I A Good Candidate?

If you wish to avoid needles but experience moderate to severe anxiety related to dental visits, we encourage you to ask Dr. Lathrop about oral sedation with nitrous oxide. He will ask you a series of health questions, will examine you, and may require a physical examination from your general practitioner to ensure you are healthy enough for this treatment.

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