Your Questions: Special Needs Dental Care

When you’re looking for a practice that offers special needs dental care, you can feel very hesitant to schedule a visit. What you’re looking for is a team that offers relaxing care for yourself or your loved one but it can feel a little scary to simply hope for the best. To put your mind at ease and to help you feel more certain regarding the care we offer, we encourage you to make your way through questions we frequently receive and our answers. Of course, we also hope you will call us today to ask questions and schedule your visit!

Which Dental Sedation is Best?

When people ask “Which dental sedation is best” our next step is to consider details for each specific situation. There is no “one size fits all” answer to the best dental sedation. Each sedation option has strong points, and all have some contraindications. We take into account the specific procedure and patient health issues (for example, allergies or pregnancy) that might affect a choice of sedation. We can provide general information on sedation any time you have questions. We are also happy to discuss specific sedation choices in advance of any procedure.

Q&A: Choosing Oral Sedation Plus Nitrous

questionanswersigns2Are you trying to figure out if it’s a good idea for your personal needs to choose oral plus nitrous oxide? We understand that as you try to differentiate between your dental sedation options, learning that you may also combine some of them may leave you feeling in over your head. Fortunately, when you understand just a bit more why choosing to rely on both laughing gas and oral sedation together is a good idea, you’ll have a much easier time narrowing down the best choice for your dental care.

FAQ: Sedation Dentistry

FAQ: Sedation DentistryDoes the mere thought a visiting a dentist make your heart rate speed up? Has a loved one learned to live with a tooth issue, rather than make an appointment to see if something is wrong? People who are highly anxious about seeing a dentist are good candidates for sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry is also helpful when scheduling a long procedure, which may require an extended period of sitting still. We’ve discovered many patients have similar Frequently Asked Questions, when seeking more knowledge about sedation dentistry.

Answering Questions About Dental Sedation

answers to questions about dental sedationSedation isn’t exactly a routine part of most patients’ dental care. But, for patients who fear visiting the dentist, or who must undergo extensive restorative treatment, it can be a necessary and welcome relief.

Dental sedation is administered in a number of ways, each more potent the next, and can be tailored to every patient’s level of anxiety and specific needs and preferences. If you have more questions about dental sedation, then be sure to mention them during your next visit to our office!

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