Fight-Or-Flight At The Dentist: What To Do

Fight-Or-Flight At The Dentist: What To Do

Have you ever heard the term fight-or-flight? It’s a term that’s used to describe what happens when your brain senses that your body is about to be under attack. When extreme fear takes over, your body’s stress levels go into overdrive. As a result, hormones are released by your nervous system. Your natural, biological response is to get ready to combat what’s coming or to run away quickly. When this happens at the dentist, it can be embarrassing, confusing, and frustrating. Guess what? It happens to a lot of people. It’s one of the many reasons we offer dental sedation.

Sedation: Does The Whole Family Qualify?

Of course, when you consider the idea of dental sedation and all of the serene dental care that comes with it, it sounds like a massive sigh of relief. However, if you are the type to begin asking “what if” type questions, you may quickly worry about one particular detail: Whether it’s something you can access (and something your loved ones will have access to). The short version of the answer to your question is: Most of the time, sedation is a possibility! As for some specifics, let’s get down to a slightly more focused explanation on candidacy.

3 Things That Get Easier With Sedation

What you already know for certain in regard to dental sedation and its effects is that it can calm you down. You won’t have to do much. You’ll come in, receive the type of sedation we have agreed upon, and can quickly feel your nerves instantly begin to melt away. However, have you given much thought to the different things that get much easier when you decide to choose sedation? If you’re considering it but you have not yet made the decision to say, “Yes!” then we’d love for you to think through some motivating details.

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