Quiz: What Benefits Does Nitrous Oxide Provide?

Also known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is a form of dental sedation we employ at our office. We can use this to help people undergo routine and more substantial dental procedures. For patients with anxiety, this can help them undergo the treatments needed to avoid common oral health concerns and prevent serious complications, such as adult tooth loss. What other benefits does nitrous oxide provide? Who does this dental sedation option help?

Try Our Quiz on Nitrous Oxide

  1. True or False: Treatment doesn’t require a needle.
  2. True or False: The effects wear off quickly.
  3. True or False: We can help patients with anxiety.
  4. True or False: The gas takes effect quickly.

Answer Key

  1. True. Instead of a needle, the patient will wear a mask over the nose. We can then administer the sedation in the form of a gas.
  2. True. With oral or IV sedation, the effects will take time to wear off. The patient will need a friend or family member to bring him/her home. The patient will need to avoid driving or returning to work for about 24 hours. However, with laughing gas the effects actually wear off quickly, allowing you to drive yourself home or return to work or school.
  3. True. The gas provides a calm effect, allowing patients to remain relaxed and calm. The patient is also conscious during the procedure, even if he or she won’t remember the experience. We can use this help patients with anxiety or special needs.
  4. True. The numbing effect and calming sensation occur quickly. We can then adjust them throughout the procedure, keeping the patient relaxed and comfortable. If you have any questions or concerns about dental sedation or nitrous oxide, then please contact our office today. Don’t let your anxiety prevent you from receiving the treatment needed to keep your smile healthy and beautiful. Contact our team today!

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