Why You Shouldn’t Listen To Friends About Sedation

It can be oh so easy to go to your friends as you’re making decisions for yourself. After all, if they’re your main support system (or at least part of it), then it’s only natural to look for them for assistance! While we do not suggest you avoid talking about your dental health with your friends, we do encourage you to remember that you might not want to take their advice on dental sedation as fact. Why not? Well, there are multiple reasons.

Everyone Has Different Needs

Your friend might not have enjoyed dental sedation in the form of nitrous oxide but has a lot of good things to say about oral sedation. We encourage you to keep from feeling swayed by these types of opinions. This isn’t because your friend isn’t providing you with honest feedback. It’s simply because what works for someone else might not necessarily address your needs.

Each Practice Offers Unique Care

Remember that if your friend has something to say about dental sedation that he or she received at another practice, this is not going to reflect the experience you can expect from our practice. If you have questions, please feel free to ask them! We will be happy to provide you with everything from a broad overview to the smallest of details.

You Might Not Be Getting Accurate Advice

Your friends mean well and will be happy to pass along information about dental sedation as they remember it. However, the specifics may not be quite as accurate as those that we will provide you. It’s not because your friend isn’t brilliant … it’s because she isn’t a dental professional, of course!

Get The Facts About Sedation From Us

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