Sedation: 3 Ways To Eventually Go Without It

Perhaps you are someone who has been enjoying the benefits of dental sedation but you sometimes wonder if you could get away without it. Will there ever be a day that you’ll feel ready to come in without the use of nitrous oxide, oral sedation, or IV sedation? First, remember that there’s no reason to ever feel like you need to “get over it” when it comes to your particular reasoning for using sedation. If it helps you feel at ease and it’s part of the reason you follow through with dental care, then by all means, feel free to use it! However, if you feel confident but would like some suggestions for the future, we’ve got them.

#1: Back Off The Sedation Intensity

When you’re thinking that you may wish to consider a future without always choosing to use dental sedation, you might consider scaling back if you’re using oral sedation or IV sedation. Instead of going for these very powerful options, give nitrous oxide a try. You may discover that though it is a less powerful form of tranquility, you still feel relaxed, calm, and completely okay about your dental care.

#2: Try Skipping It For A Checkup

Maybe you really feel that you’re ready to consider dental care without dental sedation but it still makes you a bit uneasy. We encourage you to start with something easy, such as a dental checkup. That way, you can get a feel for what it’s like without putting yourself in a situation in which you feel overwhelmed.

#3: Incorporate Other Relaxation Tools

Remember that dental sedation is one way to relax but it’s not the only way. During visits when you may decide you don’t need sedation, you can relax by learning to meditate, by listening to relaxing music, with deep breathing and muscle relaxation … whatever works for you.

Ask Us Your Sedation Questions

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