What To Do When You Want Nitrous Oxide

If you have heard from a friend or relative that nitrous oxide offers relaxing visits and procedures, then you are talking to a very wise individual. This is, in fact, true! When you receive laughing gas, you can expect to feel somewhat transported to a gentler, very peaceful place. While the benefits sound lovely, you may be wondering about exactly what to do when you think you’re ready to try it out. Fortunately, moving forward with receiving this sedative is quite simple. Let us explain!

Tell Us You’re Interested

If you feel like nitrous oxide might be something that will work for you, all you have to do is tell us you’re interested. You’re not committing to it or locked into this choice. It will just open the door for us to talk with you about the sedation option and to find out if it’s suited to your needs.

Ask Us Your Questions

Once we get a conversation going about nitrous oxide, feel free to ask your questions about it. Remember that no question is too big or too little. Especially if you’re seeking sedation because of dental anxiety, we encourage you to leave no stone unturned! Having the answers you need will help you feel much more relaxed about your care.

Consider Other Options

Keep in mind that while nitrous oxide is a wonderful choice for many patients, it is not the only choice. If it sounds good to you but you’re still interested in learning about other options, please just ask. We also offer oral sedation, a combination of oral sedation and nitrous oxide, as well as IV sedation.


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