Lies You Tell Yourself About Sedation

Particularly when dental anxiety is involved, taking steps forward to receive dental care can become extremely difficult. Even though you are aware you have access to dental sedation, your anxiety may take over, telling you lies about sedation! Rather than taking advantage of the ability to come in for very gentle, calming care, you may instead believe those fibs and resign yourself to giving up on ever receiving the care you need. Good news: We are very familiar with this cycle and we can help! By recognizing untruths, you can stand up to your anxiety and keep your smile healthy and lovely.

“It Makes Me Weak”

Dental anxiety is not a weakness. Neither is choosing dental sedation to face your fears and come in for care. It takes a lot of courage and emotional strength to admit that you’re nervous about dental care, that you don’t like the idea of coming in, but decide that you’re going to do it anyway!

“Most People Don’t Need It”

This is something patients often tell themselves. It happens to be a complete lie! Millions of people experience dental anxiety and require dental sedation for a wide variety of reasons. Some aren’t generally anxious about dentistry but find themselves in need of sedation for other reasons (like for a sensitive gag reflex). Remember, it’s not just you … not by a longshot!

“I Probably Won’t Qualify Anyway”

Surprise! You will most likely qualify. Remember, nitrous oxide is a form of dental sedation that works for nearly everyone (including children), so let us know you’re interested and we can help.


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