Dental Sedation: Your “Why” And “What” Questions

Are you tired of feeling stressed out about your dental care and even more stressed about whether or not you should select sedation for yourself? Unfortunately, if you feel uncertain about dental sedation, it can end up making you feel a little more anxious instead of its intended use of helping you feel relaxed! To this we say, learn more. Call us and ask questions. Focus on the fact that once you learn all about how this option can help, receiving the care you need will instantly become easier and your stress will melt away.

Why Do You Offer Sedation?

We offer dental sedation because we want you to be comfortable (that’s the short version, anyway). The longer version follows:

  • We know that just the thought of dental care can make some patients feel uneasy
  • We understand that certain issues that make scheduling everything from preventive care to restorative treatments can make you avoid care even though you really need it
  • We don’t want dental care to feel stressful in any way
  • By offering sedation, we can ensure you feel happy to come in when you need to, so you never worry about your smile again

What Reasons Qualify Me For Sedation?

As we mentioned, there are a lot of reasons you might feel like dental sedation will help. For the most part, it’s easy to say that just about every one of them is something we will find acceptable. Curious about common reasons we hear? To name a few: A tendency to gag, general anxiety about dental care, feeling anxious as the result of negative past experiences, a dislike of the sounds and scents and flavors at the dental office, and more!

What Types Of Sedation Do You Offer?

We offer nitrous oxide, oral sedation, a combination of nitrous oxide and oral sedation, and IV sedation.


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