Will I Ever Conquer My Dental Anxiety?

When you begin thinking about your fear of visiting the dentist, you may start to wonder whether you will be able to conquer your dental anxiety. The answer is, of course! While this might sound like quite a feat, we encourage you to consider some potential avenues toward feeling more confident (and relaxed) about care. We also suggest you keep sedation in mind as a wonderful tool for receiving essential care.

You Might Be Able To!

Dental anxiety is not something that has to remain for life. There are ways to approach your experience, whether you’re dealing with anxiety that enters many areas of your life or that it strictly related to dental care. Keep in mind that whether you strive to overcome it, accept it as a part of life, or find yourself somewhere in the middle, we empathize. We will always be happy to provide you with the care you need, while helping you feel as calm as possible during your visits.

Things To Try

How does one get over dental anxiety? There are many avenues. In some cases, it’s simply a matter of figuring out what is causing your anxiety and seeing if we can work around it or eliminate it (perhaps you need headphones because certain sounds cause you to feel anxious). In other cases, it might be related to less easy-to-address factors (such as traumatic care in your past). Consider the following suggestions:

  • It is worth speaking with a licensed therapist about your anxiety. Together, you can work on ways to work through your feelings, so you can become more comfortable with dental care.
  • It is always worth asking for sedation. The more you experience positive, relaxing care, the more likely you are to regard it as something that is safe, comfortable, and approachable.


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