Sedation: 3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty

3balloonredDo you like the fact that you can receive dental sedation, so you can relax, but you feel guilty about it? Are you the type of person who thinks you should be able to just get over your anxiety, so you feel you’re being weak? Maybe you think that you’re being silly and that once you show up, you can just talk yourself into relaxing. We politely disagree! Dealing with dental anxiety is serious business and if you haven’t been receiving dental care lately, your feelings are obviously having a direct effect on your oral health. Give us a minute to explain why you should not feel guilty about receiving the sedation that can help lead to a healthy smile!

Reason #1: Past Trauma Is Out Of Your Control

Maybe you feel you need dental sedation because dental care scares you. Remember that the reason for your anxiety is not something you caused. If you had a traumatic experience, it wasn’t your fault. If you can’t even remember why you feel the way you do, it’s okay. What’s important is addressing what you do have control over, which is enjoying a tranquil visit.

Reason #2: Some Treatments Demand It

Some treatments simply require sedation because they are complex and lengthy. To ensure you feel zero discomfort, we strongly suggest dental sedation in such cases. Don’t feel guilty! It’s just the nature of the treatment.

Reason #3: We Offer It To A Lot Of Patients

We don’t offer dental sedation because we think one patient may suddenly stroll through our doors one day in need of it. We offer it because many patients rely on sedation as a means of receiving the dental care they require without the emotional distress. This is a very common option for feeling nice and calm. It’s no more complicated than that.


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