Sedation: 3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty

Sedation: 3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty

3balloonredDo you like the fact that you can receive dental sedation, so you can relax, but you feel guilty about it? Are you the type of person who thinks you should be able to just get over your anxiety, so you feel you’re being weak? Maybe you think that you’re being silly and that once you show up, you can just talk yourself into relaxing. We politely disagree! Dealing with dental anxiety is serious business and if you haven’t been receiving dental care lately, your feelings are obviously having a direct effect on your oral health. Give us a minute to explain why you should not feel guilty about receiving the sedation that can help lead to a healthy smile!

Sedation Terms Q&A: Know Your Stuff

qabuttonredWhen you make your foray into the world of dental sedation, you might find yourself immediately inundated with some new terminology. While relying on context clues will help you out a bit, there are those terms and phrases that may still leave you scratching your head. To quickly clear up any confusion, so you can focus on the important stuff, we are presenting you with a helpful Q&A session. Memorize some key vocab and you’ll be on your way toward expert status in no time!

Your (Uncommon) Dental Sedation Questions

questionmarkblueDo you have some questions about dental sedation that you really want to ask? However, you’re a little bit afraid to bring them up because you don’t think they’re really in line with the most common questions our patients typically ask? No problem. We never turn away a question or look down on an inquiry. Instead, we welcome your curiosity and would like to help you feel the best you can when it comes to seeking dental care. We’re going to go ahead and get the ball rolling with a Q&A session of not-so-frequently-asked questions.

Nitrous Oxide: A Quick Quiz

quizquestionworldYou might know a thing or two about nitrous oxide. Then again, you might know that it’s a type of dental sedation we offer to patients but as for the details, you may feel like you know nothing else at all. Fortunately, you will soon find out that getting to know the ins and outs of this option for a relaxing experience is an easy thing to do. Go ahead and take yourself through our quick quiz, so you can learn more and feel even more confident about dental care.

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