Q&A: Can I Afford Sedation?

Q&A: Can I Afford Sedation?

Q&AbulletinWe are often sad to discover that though patients want dental sedation – they convince themselves that they probably can’t afford it. Good news: We run a practice with a mission of ensuring the needs and desires of our patients are met, which means you have a variety of options regarding affordability. Are you interested in nitrous oxide, oral sedation, or IV sedation? If so, let’s cover your concerns with a Q&A session. Of course, feel free to call with any remaining thoughts or inquiries.

Dental Anxiety Quiz

quizgridEvery time you pick up the phone to call our practice, do you feel like you’re the only person in the entire universe struggling with dental anxiety? Do your nerves cause you to hang up the phone instead of following through with your call, leaving you feeling guilty and even more anxious about your oral health? While you may have some misgivings about the way you feel, it’s important to recognize that anxiety regarding smile care is more common than you might think. Allow our team to provide you with some insight with a brief quiz.

Creating Your Relaxing Visit

relaxcandleAre you happy to learn that sedation dentistry is an option for your dental care? Do you find that even though you’re sure you will feel relaxed thanks to sedation, you still have some uneasiness about your visits? Before you assume we rely wholly on sedation to ensure your experience is a wonderful one, take some time to get to know us. We strive to address every aspect of your care with our practice, so your visit is relaxing on all levels. Stay a minute and explore this topic with us!

Is Sedation Dentistry for Everyone?

Is Sedation Dentistry for Everyone?Sedation dentistry makes it possible for anxious or sensitive people to receive dental treatment that they would otherwise postpone or avoid entirely. When dental needs are taken care of in a timely manner, it helps keep them from becoming bigger issues. However, not all types of sedation are right for each person. Individual situations vary, so if you are interested in sedation options, the first step is making a consultation appointment with our office. 

FAQ: Sedation Dentistry

FAQ: Sedation DentistryDoes the mere thought a visiting a dentist make your heart rate speed up? Has a loved one learned to live with a tooth issue, rather than make an appointment to see if something is wrong? People who are highly anxious about seeing a dentist are good candidates for sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry is also helpful when scheduling a long procedure, which may require an extended period of sitting still. We’ve discovered many patients have similar Frequently Asked Questions, when seeking more knowledge about sedation dentistry.

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