Which Form Of Sedation Is For You?

Let’s Talk About: Oral And Nitrous Oxide

relaxedwomangrassPerhaps you have been spending a significant amount of time trying to figure out which type of dental sedation is best for your needs. When it comes to getting down to the details, we find that some patients feel they come up empty-handed for a very specific set of reasons: If you do not like injections but you want deep, customized relaxation, you may think that nitrous oxide isn’t strong enough. Your other option, oral sedation, is a single dose that we cannot continue administering for customized sedation. Surely there must be another option, right? Actually, there is: Learn more about oral and nitrous oxide as a combined solution.

Let’s Talk About: IV Sedation

relaxingwomanwhitesofaDo you worry as you look into dental sedation that even with a little assistance with feeling calmer about dental care, you will probably still feel too anxious? If so, then it’s time you learn about IV sedation. Why? Well, though its counterparts will provide you with exceptional relaxation, the intravenous form offers the deepest relaxation you can find. As in, you will be able to respond to us after receiving the sedative but you might remember very little of your experience once it wears off. See? Absolute tranquility is possible. Now give us just a moment to provide helpful details.

Q&A: Oral Sedation Introduction

questionanswerpuzzleAs you make your journey toward learning about dental sedation, you will find that you come up with questions regarding differences (and similarities) between your options. The good news is that as far as similarities go, any form of sedation you choose will ensure you feel relaxed throughout your visits with us. As for becoming more familiar with specific types, we will be happy to offer more information. Begin learning about oral sedation with our question-and-answer session.

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