Is Dental Sedation Safe?

Is Dental Sedation Safe?

Is Dental Sedation Safe?Have you spent years hiding your stained or cavity-ridden smile, all because you are too afraid to visit the dentist? Maybe you have a root canal or other extensive treatment scheduled, and are worried about the procedure. Sedation dentistry makes it possible for patients to tackle their fears, in order to receive the dental treatment their smiles need. So, whether you’re tired of suffering from the side effects of missed dental cleanings, or rescheduling restorative treatment for fear about discomfort, talk to your dentist about how sedation could help you get the care you need, comfortably and without stress.

Conquer Old Fears with Sedation Dentistry

Conquer Your Fears with Sedation DentistryWere you still in school the last time you visited the dentist? Has your smile suffered because of cancelled appointments and a lack of professional dental care? If you have neglected professional cleanings for several years, due to dental anxiety, your teeth and gums may be suffering. From painful untreated cavities to bleeding gums caused by gingivitis, there are a number of possible repercussions if you continually skip out on preventive care. Fortunately, if dental anxiety is to blame for your missed checkups, there is a way your dentist can help you conquer your fears. Sedation dentistry is often a safe and effective way for patients to overcome their dental anxiety, in order to get the preventive care their smiles need.

Did You Know April Is Stress Awareness Month? Part One

Can Stress Be Managed?You might not know this, but a little stress can actually be good for a person. It compels one to use caution in dangerous situations, and to work hard to meet necessary deadlines. It can even indicate the importance of making smart but hard decisions, like choosing to discipline a child or to save money instead of spending it. Unfortunately, prolonged or extreme stress can take a toll both emotionally and physically. It can also lead people to avoid treatment that could help them restore or maintain their overall health. Since April is Stress Awareness Month, it marks a great time to learn more about how to cope with stress, in healthy ways.

Could a Sedative Help You Get Smile-Saving Dental Treatment?

Could Sedative Help You?Does the idea of visiting the dentist for even a simple checkup leave you in cold sweats? Do you get nervous driving your kids to their dental appointments? If so, you could be suffering from dental anxiety. Fortunately, sedation dentistry offers an effective way to overcome your fears, so that you can take care of your teeth and gums. For many patients, sedation is one of the safest and fastest ways to address dental fear, so that preventive and restorative care can be completed. If you have delayed smile-saving dental treatment, due to fear, talk to your dentist about how sedation might be able to help.

Answering Questions About Dental Sedation

answers to questions about dental sedationSedation isn’t exactly a routine part of most patients’ dental care. But, for patients who fear visiting the dentist, or who must undergo extensive restorative treatment, it can be a necessary and welcome relief.

Dental sedation is administered in a number of ways, each more potent the next, and can be tailored to every patient’s level of anxiety and specific needs and preferences. If you have more questions about dental sedation, then be sure to mention them during your next visit to our office!

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