Which Dental Sedation is Best?

Which Dental Sedation is Best?

When people ask “Which dental sedation is best” our next step is to consider details for each specific situation. There is no “one size fits all” answer to the best dental sedation. Each sedation option has strong points, and all have some contraindications. We take into account the specific procedure and patient health issues (for example, allergies or pregnancy) that might affect a choice of sedation. We can provide general information on sedation any time you have questions. We are also happy to discuss specific sedation choices in advance of any procedure.

Sedation: Why You Think You Fell Asleep (But You Didn’t)

whywoodPerhaps you have seen YouTube videos of people who have received conscious dental sedation and who are also completely certain that they were sleeping through their visit (even though they never fell asleep). If you never thought this could be you, think again! Patients are often extremely surprised that coming in for treatment with the assistance of sedation can leave them heading home under the impression that they spent their appointment with us in dreamland. Allow us to explain how this phenomenon occurs!

When is Dental Sedation Appropriate?

when-is-dental-sedation-appropriateDental sedation comes in a variety of types and strengths, which makes sedation dentistry customizable to every patient’s unique needs. However, not every dental treatment calls for sedation, and if it does, then your dentist will help you decide on the appropriate type and dose. In addition to helping anxious patients feel more calm and relaxed at their dentist’s office, sedation may also be appropriate in cases of complex or extensive tooth restoration. Administering the right level of sedation will help your dentist perform the procedure faster and with more accuracy while you remain comfortable and relaxed.

Common Reasons For Dental Anxiety (And What To Do)

womanwonderingheadbandIf you suffer from dental anxiety, you may find yourself recognizing the problem (and realizing that you may need dental sedation for its exceptional benefits). However, you may still feel a little lost regarding why anxiety is happening to you and what makes it affect millions of other patients. By better understanding the fact that anxiety shows up in all shapes and sizes, it can give you some peace of mind. Consider some common reasons for anxiety and remember: We look forward to helping you enjoy truly tranquil, comfortable dental care.

Sedation: Questions We Might Ask You

questionmarkswhiteOf course, if you know even the tiniest bit about our practice, you know that we are always welcoming of your questions. As a result, there’s no inquiry too big or too small if you are curious about dental sedation. What you might not have considered is that we just might ask you a few questions, too, during your visit (particularly if we are just getting to know you). To ensure you feel relaxed and ready to collaborate with us, we encourage you to think over some common things we might ask during your visit.

Dental Fear: We Offer Lots Of Options

worrydontworrysignIf you are experiencing dental fear, you might not really know where to begin when it comes to finding a way to manage your anxiety and take care of your oral health. We understand the subtle nuances of what you are going through, which can make even the initial steps of setting up care quite difficult. To help you become more familiar with your options, so you can think it over without feeling forced into action, we offer you some surprisingly helpful solutions.

IV Sedation: A Quiz

quizredAre you elated at the thought of receiving IV sedation because you suffer from severe dental anxiety? Have you been thinking it over but you don’t know if you’re ready to come in yet? If you have some lingering thoughts or questions that you simply want answered, we understand your desire to reach a comfort level first. As a result, we can’t stress enough how important it is for you to go ahead and bring up your questions! We are more than happy to provide you with answers. For now, see if you can’t receive some helpful information with our sedation quiz.

Dental Sedation: Myths Versus Facts

mythsfactsscaleWhen you begin learning all about the seemingly magical nature of dental sedation that helps you relax during dental care, you may find yourself bombarded with a variety of information. Some of it will sound logical and exciting, some will sound quite negative, and some will be very confusing. The reason for this? As information gets passed around (and posted on the Internet), facts are often confused with myths. As a result, we suggest you sidestep the rumors and come straight to us for your education! Curious about some of the stuff you’ve already heard? We are happy to begin clearing it up.

Q&A: Choosing Oral Sedation Plus Nitrous

questionanswersigns2Are you trying to figure out if it’s a good idea for your personal needs to choose oral plus nitrous oxide? We understand that as you try to differentiate between your dental sedation options, learning that you may also combine some of them may leave you feeling in over your head. Fortunately, when you understand just a bit more why choosing to rely on both laughing gas and oral sedation together is a good idea, you’ll have a much easier time narrowing down the best choice for your dental care.

Choosing Sedation By The Method

womanwonderingwavyAre you trying to take a varied approach to thinking about dental sedation? Do you realize that you are open to different levels of relaxation, which is making it a little challenging to choose a final option? Maybe you’re more anxious about the way you will receive the sedative than you are about the visit itself. Whatever the case, it often helps patients to visualize sedative options by the way they are administered. Let’s step our way through a quick rundown of your options, so you can make some headway in cementing your final decision.

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