Dental Sedation

Quiz: What Benefits Does Nitrous Oxide Provide?

Also known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is a form of dental sedation we employ at our office. We can use this to help people undergo routine and more substantial dental procedures. For patients with anxiety, this can help them undergo the treatments needed to avoid common oral health concerns and prevent serious complications, such as adult tooth loss. What other benefits does nitrous oxide provide? Who does this dental sedation option help?

Dental Sedation: All Of Those Millions Of Questions

Learning that you might finally be able to feel comfortable receiving professional care for your smile thanks to dental sedation is very exciting! It’s also one of those moment during which you suddenly find yourself full of a ton of questions. As they swirl through your brain, your first instinct may be to look answers up online. You might want to abstain from this method of seeking information. Instead, to make sure you’re being introduced to facts rather than unreliable info, we encourage you to follow our advice.

Dental Sedation: Talking To Loved Ones

Do you have a friend or family member who is absolutely, 100 percent afraid to get dental care? Do you immediately think to yourself, “Oh, I can help! I can explain about dental sedation” only to wonder if this is an appropriate thing to do? Perhaps you want to explain your experience because you also deal with anxiety when it comes to dental care but you can’t seem to find the right way to talk about it. Don’t worry. We can help you!

3 Things To Remember About A Sedation Consultation

Maybe you are someone who deals with such severe dental anxiety that the idea of just coming in for a visit during which you request dental sedation is something you are not anywhere near ready to experience. If so, we strongly encourage you to begin with baby steps, so you can work your way up toward scheduling care. For now, we would like for you to simply schedule a consultation with us! Already feeling a little nervous? There’s truly no need! If you’re not so sure, consider a few things to remember about your visit.

Why, Why, Why?: Dental Sedation

When you’re investigating any type of new topic, particularly one that applies to your physical well being in some way, it is absolutely normal to have a lot of questions. As you are likely already well aware, many of these questions are going to begin with “why.” We, of course, would like for you to feel exceptional about making choices for your smile and about receiving dental care, which is why we offer dental sedation (and why we are also more than happy to give you all of the information you need).

3 Reasons To Go From Nitrous To IV Sedation

Perhaps you had a good experience with nitrous oxide but for whatever reason, you have decided that you would like a stronger form of dental sedation for your next visit. Perhaps you want to feel more relaxed. Maybe you’re receiving a particular treatment for which you just don’t think laughing gas will be sufficient. Whatever the case, there are a few times we might suggest you head straight for IV sedation and skip the oral sedative altogether.

Sedation And Other Ways To Enjoy Relaxing Dental Care

So, you’re not a fan of coming in for dental care. We get it! We know that for some, this is just another visit that brings up little to no emotional reaction. For others, it can lead to some very serious dental anxiety. For others, it’s somewhere in between those two extremes. If you’re a person who feels any type of anxiety regarding professional care for your teeth, we are certainly full of compassion for you as well as suggestions for coping with and improving this part of your life. Let’s talk dental sedation and further details, so you can gain helpful tools.

Sedation: How It Helps With Time Perception

No, choosing dental sedation is not going to propel you into the past or into the future. However, you might be surprised by the significant impact sedation can actually have on your perception of time, how it can benefit the way you experience time, and how such factors will improve your dental care experience. It all sounds very fantastical, of course, but it’s pretty straightforward. Learn more, so you can feel even better about your future visits.

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