Sedation: How It Helps With Time Perception

No, choosing dental sedation is not going to propel you into the past or into the future. However, you might be surprised by the significant impact sedation can actually have on your perception of time, how it can benefit the way you experience time, and how such factors will improve your dental care experience. It all sounds very fantastical, of course, but it’s pretty straightforward. Learn more, so you can feel even better about your future visits.

You Might Not Feel Like You Had A Visit

Of course, you’ll remember coming into our practice and leaving. However, it is very possible if you choose dental sedation (primarily oral sedation or IV sedation) that you will remember sitting down in our chair and that you will also be aware of what’s happening around you when the sedation starts to wear off. However, the actual time spent in our chair receiving dental care might be missing from your memory because sedation may result in some amnesic effects. As a result, time will truly seem to fly by.

We Can Squeeze Multiple Visits Into One

When you’re in such a lovely state of relaxation, thanks to dental sedation, it becomes extremely easy to get a lot of work done in a single sitting. As a result, what you may initially think of as several visits worth of work might be something we can accomplish in just one appointment.

You May Reduce The Amount Of Time Spent Stressing

If you choose oral sedation, you may have the opportunity to take it at home, the night before your visit. Thankfully, this means you won’t spend hours on end stressing about your dental care. Instead, the hours may pass blissfully by. 

Learn More About The Benefits Offered By Sedation

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