3 Reasons To Go From Nitrous To IV Sedation

Perhaps you had a good experience with nitrous oxide but for whatever reason, you have decided that you would like a stronger form of dental sedation for your next visit. Perhaps you want to feel more relaxed. Maybe you’re receiving a particular treatment for which you just don’t think laughing gas will be sufficient. Whatever the case, there are a few times we might suggest you head straight for IV sedation and skip the oral sedative altogether.

Reason #1: You Can’t Swallow Pills

Generally speaking, if you want something stronger than nitrous oxide, we don’t send you to IV sedation immediately. However, we may suggest that you avoid the oral sedative option if you are someone who is not comfortable swallowing pills. We would not like to add any anxiety to your experience! The IV method is one that we will administer, so you can simply lie back and relax.

Reason #2: You Worry About Sedation Tapering Off

When we provide you with an oral sedative, you take the pill and the dose lasts for a set amount of time. Some patients feel uneasy about this because they prefer to know they will be receiving steady sedation throughout a particular visit. In this case, IV sedation may be better suited to your needs. We will continue to administer customized sedation until the end of your procedure.

Reason #3: You Feel Extraordinarily Anxious

If you’re feeling extremely anxious about your upcoming visit, so much so that you would really prefer to cancel, we understand if seeking the most relaxing of our dental sedation is on your mind. Realize that while oral sedation plus nitrous oxide is certainly an option, you may also select IV sedation for a very deep, tranquil visit.

See Us For Sedation Explanations Soon

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