Nitrous Oxide: The 5 W’s

Sometimes, when you’re learning about new things, it’s nice to make your way through the 5 W’s. Of course, that refers to the who, what, where, when, and why questions that help illuminate the particulars of any topic. In this case, we would like to help educate you about nitrous oxide, so you have an easier time getting to know, selecting, and receiving the right dental sedation for you. Ready? Set? Let’s get learning!

Who Is It For?

In most cases, nitrous oxide is for everyone. It’s very gentle (but don’t let that make you think it’s not effective…it is!). What we mean is, we can offer it to children, teens, and adults. We can provide it to patients who need to return to work or class after treatment. It is quite the universal option.

What Is It?

This type of sedation comes in a gaseous form, offers a gentle calming effect, provides analgesic effects, too (numbing), and will help you enjoy tranquil dental care. You’ll breathe it in (there are no needles involved) through a small mask we place over your nose.

Where Will I Receive It?

Nitrous oxide is provided solely in our practice. You will rest comfortably in the chair, while we administer a customized dose.

When Will It Wear Off?

It will begin to dissipate as soon as we stop providing you with nitrous oxide. So, once your procedure or visit is over, you’ll get the sedative out of your system very quickly (and you’ll be able to drive away on your own).

Why Choose This Sedative Over Others?

Reasons to choose nitrous oxide may include:

  • You have some mild jitters
  • You tend to gag during dental care
  • You dislike injections
  • You really need to return to your usual daily plans after your visit


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