Choose Sedation Over Putting On A Brave Face

You might be harder on yourself than you realize, telling yourself that in order to receive dental care, you need to just put on a brave face, suck it up, and schedule a visit. The main problem with this is twofold: First, if you suffer from severe dental anxiety, this is simply going to backfire and you will probably not go through with scheduling (and showing up for) an appointment. Second, you will then feel worse about things instead of better. We encourage you to recognize your concern as a real issue with real solutions: Sedation dentistry.

You’re Not Being Silly

About that hard-on-yourself pep talk you may be experiencing. We encourage you to recognize that anxiety is a medically recognized condition that can affect individuals in a wide variety of ways. It might be general anxiety or it may be specific to particular fear (such as dental anxiety). If your fear of dental care is stopping you from receiving the treatment you need, it’s important to talk with us about options like sedation dentistry.

You’re Not The Only One

Did you know that as much as one-fifth of the population experiences some of the same sensations of dental anxiety that you experience when thinking about coming in for dental care? That’s a lot of people! The good news is that no matter the reason you’re experiencing this problem, we can help. We take great measures to ensure you feel welcome and relaxed at our practice. We also offer a variety of sedation dentistry solutions to ensure you can show up and stay put, while you learn to develop more positive feelings about dentistry. To get started, simply call us with your questions.


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