3 Ways Sedation Helps

Receiving dental sedation can help you in many ways. As a result, there are some patients who make wonderful use of this option. Then, there are other patients who assume it’s only for dental anxiety and who miss out on its other applications. Before you make any assumptions about when sedation is appropriate, what we use it for, and who qualifies (most people), we suggest you consider how versatile it really is.

#1: During General Care

If you’re someone who feels quite anxious about dental care, even an exam and checkup, dental sedation can become quite useful for you. Yes, it’s entirely okay to ask about sedation if you feel nervous about coming in even for simple preventive care. Just talk with us about your feelings, so we can help you through the process of receiving care that’s completely relaxing.

#2: For Additional Numbing

Some patients aren’t anxious about dental care on its own. They notice, however, that they want additional numbing because they don’t feel local anesthetic is strong enough. Or, they prefer to avoid needles and like to receive analgesic effects with dental sedation like nitrous oxide instead.

#3: During Particular Procedures

You may want or require dental sedation during certain procedures. Maybe you aren’t a fan of receiving fillings. Perhaps you need a root canal treatment. Maybe you need a lot of work done, so sedation will help time feel like it’s passing quickly. You are always welcome to let us know if a particular treatment makes you nervous or if you would simply like sedation. We will always work with you to figure out which option will work best.


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