Sedation Isn’t Just For Anxiety

relaxsandbeachTrue, when you want a sedative for your dental visit, there’s usually some amount of anxiety involved. However, we’re talking about the difference between requiring dental sedation because you suffer from severe dental anxiety and requiring sedation because there’s something that gets in the way of a smooth appointment. Let’s consider some less-commonly-known reasons you might wish for a way to achieve a more relaxing visit.

Your Strong Gag Reflex

Do you have trouble with gagging? Do you tend to gag the moment we begin examining your smile? No problem. Along with relaxing your nerves, dental sedation can relax your gag reflex, too. As a result, you can come in for your dental care needs without having to deal with embarrassment or frustration.

Your Dislike Of Dental Smells And More

For some, there’s something about the characteristics that are unique to a dental practice that can cause some discomfort. Maybe you don’t like the sounds you hear, perhaps the smells or tastes bring back memories from childhood dental visits that you’d prefer to erase. Whatever the case, dental sedation will dull your reaction to those concerns, so you can enjoy your time during your visit.

Your Hesitation About Certain Procedures

Maybe the idea of visiting us doesn’t cause you any anxiety. However, perhaps there is something about a particular procedure that you’re not crazy about. Rather than forcing yourself to show up and experience something that causes you to feel tense, we encourage you to consider dental sedation for a tranquil approach.


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