Nitrous Oxide: The Essential Information

relaxedwomantankPerhaps you have just begun skimming the surface of dental sedation information and you’re trying to figure out which form is best for your needs. Unfortunately, attempting to ask friends and family (or making your way through the vast amounts of pages on the Internet) can leave you more confused than when you initially started. Don’t lose your momentum when it comes to receiving sedation for enjoyable dental care. Instead, contact us with your questions. For now, let’s get started by exploring nitrous oxide.

What Is This?

Nitrous oxide is the gentlest form of dental sedation that we offer. We say gentle because it will get rid of your jitters without leaving you sedated for the remainder of the day. Provided in a gaseous state (you will breathe it in comfortable through a small mask we place over your nose), it is a sedative that works right away. The effects wear off just as quickly, as it leaves your body with great efficiency. The result? You can come in for treatment, feel relaxed, and then head right back out the door all on your own, whether to work, class, home, or otherwise.

Who Is This Good For?

We suggest nitrous oxide (also called laughing gas) for patients who suffer from a dislike of needles, from individuals who would like additional numbing when a topical anesthetic still leaves them anxious about discomfort, and for individuals who find it difficult to relax during visits. Since it is so gentle, this dental sedation is safe not only for adults but for children, as well. Curious if you’re a good candidate? Give us a call.


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