Injection-Free Dental Sedation: Fast Facts

factsblocksAre you extremely pleased to learn that you can now access the dental care you want without worrying about your dental anxiety getting in the way? It’s true! Thanks to the benefits of dental sedation, you can expect to come in for anything from a checkup to a dental procedure and to feel completely relaxed and tranquil throughout your appointment. However, while this opportunity is exciting you may still be having some trouble distinguishing between your sedation options – and wondering how to avoid needles. Let’s make our way through a quick round of details, so you know what’s what.

Nitrous Oxide Details

This form of dental sedation is also known as “laughing gas.” It is known to cause a somewhat euphoric effect that might cause you to start giggling. Consider the following details:

  • It’s considered safe for just about everyone, including kids
  • You will receive it through a mask placed over your nose – it’s a gas, so you just breathe it in
  • It’s great for patients who dislike needles
  • You can drive yourself home afterwards (it wears off quickly)

Oral Sedation Details

When nitrous oxide doesn’t offer deep enough relaxation, we suggest dental sedation known as oral sedation. You will still remain awake but you will enjoy a deeper sense of tranquility. Think about the following:

  • You will take a pill by mouth – the anti-anxiety medicine will relax you
  • It’s great for patients who want to avoid needles
  • If you take the pill at home before your visit, you will need a ride to our practice – everyone will need a ride home because the medicine wears off slowly

Oral And Nitrous Oxide Details

For a bit more relaxation and additional analgesic effects, we may choose to provide you with both nitrous oxide as well as oral sedation. It’s an effective way to reach deeper relaxation without the use of IV sedation (which relies on an injection).


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