Is Dental Sedation Safe?

Is Dental Sedation Safe?Have you spent years hiding your stained or cavity-ridden smile, all because you are too afraid to visit the dentist? Maybe you have a root canal or other extensive treatment scheduled, and are worried about the procedure. Sedation dentistry makes it possible for patients to tackle their fears, in order to receive the dental treatment their smiles need. So, whether you’re tired of suffering from the side effects of missed dental cleanings, or rescheduling restorative treatment for fear about discomfort, talk to your dentist about how sedation could help you get the care you need, comfortably and without stress.

Nitrous Oxide Can Help Many Patients

Nitrous Oxide, often referred to simply as laughing gas, is a minimally invasive yet effective way to cope with dental anxiety, or to prevent discomfort during an extensive cleaning or restorative treatment. That is why it has long been one of the most common forms of sedation used.

Its effects are almost immediate, but also end quickly, allowing most patients to return to work or school after their dental appointment.

Oral sedatives are another simple option, one which can generally be taken shortly before an appointment, or even the night before. Of course, some situations may call for IV sedation, but this is generally reserved for patients with physical conditions that make it impossible to sit still, or for those undergoing more extreme treatment, such as oral surgery.

Sedation Is Safe for Most Ages

Sedation can safely be used for patients of most ages, and health conditions. However, it is important to talk with your dentist about which sedation option is safest for you, based on your overall health, the extent of your dental procedure, any medications you may be taking, and other factors.


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